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With more than 20 years of Experience in different 3D-Print technologies and applications, we are now focusing on FDM technologies.

Our 3D-Printing consulating and delivery offer addresses mainly professional businesses with stable and medium-term requirements. We avoid as much as possible tradional market places and applications (like eBay or Amazon) or expensive intermediate storage. Our goal is the reduction of unneccessary cost for you as customer.

We aim for a Long-term cooperation, linked with a Permanent Optimization of the complete supply chain, starting at the local filament manufacturer, along the international logistics and cost efficient payment options.

We would like to offer our Support and Expertise for your very own application and FDM production too.

Our long-term experience of the Chinese market and our direct contacts to local manufacturers  give us the opportunity to find the Optimal Material based on your individual requirements and to offer it to you to attractive conditions. We are always aiming to achive the balance of good, stable quality, technical parameters and best price.

Based on our location and connection to the Chinese market we are able to offer Inovative Materials and Technologies, very fast and keep you informed about the latest trends.

In many cases we could offer you the same quality to a much better price. Many well-known brands offer the same material under a different name for a considerably better price. This kind of information has been rarely published, but we've got a good inside into these options.

All materials have been tested by us for quality and print parameter on the latest generation of printers in our 3D-Development and Try Out Lab. Only if we are convinced about a specific material it will be added to our portfolio.

We also work on further Optimization of FDM production, like bigger spools oder customized feeding solutions.

Our Multinational Team Talks Your Language and understands the specific conditions of the Chinese market. Therefor we can work together with you, easily and without things getting lost in translation.

Please contact us. We are looking forward to your response, to communicate your requirements and ideas for optimization, and to figure out beneficial solutions which will work best for your business.

Your YMT3DP-Team from Kunming/Yunnan, China

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