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Why shall you contact us?

We offer you a unique portfolio covering optimal material selection, consulting and support and complete solutions. This is a new approach, dedicated to meet the requirements and demands of commercial 3D-Printing. 

Our business ethics aims for the best service and quality, combined with attractive prices, transparency, trust and reliability.

Direct communication in your language avoids "Lost in Translation" and is the foundation for ongoing customer satisfaction.

We offer you payment services via PayPal, incl. buyer protection, but also looking for alternative payment services with the aim of further reduction of side cost.

 Challenge us, work together with – we are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.  Contact Us

What is our Portfolio?

We developed a comprehensive overview about the local Chinese filament production. This allows us to offer you the optimal material at attractive cost.

We are also working on better feeding solutions, like bigger spools and optimized feeders to address the challenges of commercial 3D-Productions.

Please let us know more about your demand for filaments, tools and spare parts and your production challenges and bottlenecks.

Our team will respond immediately and will address your questions and requirements directly and in your language. Contact Us

What kind of Material can we offer?

Our filament spectrum starts at PLA in different specifications, along with PETG, TPU and many technical materials, like ASA, Nylon and CF-filled filaments, as well as new innovative products. 

We are always aiming for a better, stable quality at a better price.

Please let us know your requirements. Contact Us

Who will be our customers?

We are focusing on services for professional print farms and prosumers, in order to create a long-term cooperation, based on common understanding, trust, reliability and flexibility. 

For obvious reasons we can't offer our comprehensive service to home users.

What is our background?

We are working with different technologies for professional 3D-Printing since nearly 30 years, right from the beginning of 3D-Printing. Currently our focus is on FDM.

The direct access to the Chinese market enables excellent opportunities to find innovative products and new applications immediately and to test and compare them in our lab. We acquired an in deep knowledge about materials and their applications.

Our team has many years of experience of production and business process optimization, international project management and professional CAD-applications.

Based on that, we can provide valuable recommendations for product development and further optimization of your business. Contact Us

What are our Advantages?

Our multinational team understands both the Western and the Asian approach to do business very well. Our logistic team is very experienced with requirements for a fast and cost efficient delivery.

We have also the advantage to negotiate with local suppliers in their own language.

In addition we are working permanently on improvements of the complete supply chain, starting with consultancy and selection of the optimal materials, along with international logistics and cost effective payment services. This creates a unique Win-Win situation.

If you have a steady demand for filaments with reliable quality and if you are looking for more than just one time purchase from an anonymous webpage or one of the known sales portals, than you should touch base with us.

Our company is officially registered in China, managed and directed by experienced engineers and managers with German-Austrian roots.

Our skilled Chinese team members are merging Western and Asian business habits. They are dealing with the local supply base, and managing the complex import/export logistics. That unique combination of a multinational team, comprehensive technical knowledge and experience of international business and project management, guarantees you the best service.

Please contact us, we are looking forward to a long-term and trustful business relationship. Contact Us

What is our 3D-Development and Try Out Lab?

Our 3D-Development and Try Out Lab is the best place to test materials, printers, etc. from different suppliers regarding quality and possible applications.

All materials have been tested in a standardized way before we add to our portfolio. Based on these material performance checks, we can give you recommendation referring to printing parameters (like speed, temperature, stringing). If required, we could offer you optimization for specific applications, e.g. material mix of design of supports and could do prototyping and design reviews in order to guarantee you the best results.

In addition we offer you the opportunity to evaluate new developments and applications and to make your production and business processes even more efficient.

„We deliver a Better Product at a Better Price

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